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Management with inIegrity

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Devotion to principle and basics,
based on transparent and right decision making,
with fair competition while fulfilling social duties and obligations.

What is “Halla’s Integrity?” obligations, such as creating profits for sustainability
and observing laws and systems of society, but
is also socially responsible by making every
effort to increase shareholder’s rights,
pursuing co-existence and co-prosperity with
partners through fair trade, and providing
employees rewards and happiness.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no
one is watching. With pride as Halla people, all
employees work uprightly and fairly, and conduct
themselves with sincerity, loyalty and honesty.
Halla people also follow the rational rules and
regulations, and engage in only transparent
business practices.

Principles of Management with Integrity

Eradication of corruption and irregularities
Preventing risk
Strengthening prevention and guidance activities
Advancement of management level
Compliance with
related legislation

Management with Integrity is Halla’s pride as well as founding spirit.

Integrity is fulfilling the corporation’s social responsibilities and duties by being honest with customers,
making an effort to maximize the rights and interests of shareholders, pursuing coexistence and
co-prosperity through fair transactions with business partners and providing the fruits of success and happiness to employees,
beyond the fundamental responsibilities of profit creation and compliance with the laws and regulations.

자서전 내용

Not doing things you’re not supposed to, and everybody sharing accurate information. A company that competes in a fair and square, transparent manner, and has strong competitiveness based on trust. Integrity is always doing the right thing even if no one is watching. Employees should be proud of being a Hallaian and always perform jobs properly and fairly, comply with logical standards and processes, and honorably disclose the process and results through transparent work process with faithfulness, loyalty, and honesty.


If you report on the following items
related to Management with Integrity,
we will reply promptly.

  1. ・ The act of unjustified leaks and use of company assets or information
  2. ・ The act of writing or reporting false documents
  3. ・ The act of receiving money, valuables, or entertainment
  4. ・ Other acts in violation of management with integrity
  5. ・ The act of making unfair transactions
Guidance on the report processing process and how to make a report · Please write the contents of the report in detail. It will not be processed if the data is
    inaccurate or false, written in abusive language/slander, or is of advertising nature.
· Reports not related to ethics management are forwarded to relevant teams depending
    on its contents. Thus, please use the company website (Customer Service Center) for
    general inquires and service for apartments   [Go to Customer Service Center]
· The Management with Integrity Department personally investigates what is reported
    and sends the results to your e-mail, and you can check the current status of your
    report application and processing state.