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Halla’s logo is a blooming flower to symbolize the vision of a Beloved Company, Superior and Solid Global Company. Overall, the graphic motif, which embodies harmony inside and is bursting into bloom outside, includes the company’s will to become a sustainable enterprise based on constant growth and developing movements, and articulates its image to be softer and more innovative.

Halla Vivaldi

With "THE Harmony" brand concept as its basis, the BI means a good place to live as well as a place you want to live in where various values come together and people, nature and technology are in harmony.

The symbol mark, the letter "V,” which comes from "Vivaldi," is highlighted in bold type on the exterior to express the fundamental properties of apartments, hardness and solidity, while embodying Halla Vivaldi's philosophy of Management with Integrity, and infinite faith in quality at the same time. The letter "H" in Halla Corp. is expressed with curves to emphasize the peacefulness and familiarity of residential spaces and its mindset of careful concern for various customers’ requests.

Also, as the letter "H" in Halla Corp. and the letter "V" in Vivaldi are in harmony with one another in a single letter, it implies a happy residential space where different values coexist in harmony.

Halla Vivaldi, Sigma

Halla Vivaldi, Sigma is Halla Corporation's high-rise apartment brand. The BI of Halla Vivaldi, an overall housing brand, and sigma (∑), the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet as well as mathematical sign, is included a sub name that means an area of life becomes more convenient the longer you live, and business is more successful the longer you stay.

Also, it expresses Halla Corporation's high technical techniques and leading know-how that has been creating the perfect business space completed with state-of-the-art technology, and it is an eco-friendly and pleasant area in harmony with nature.

Halla Vivaldi, STUDIO

Halla Vivaldi, Studio gets its name from combining "Halla Vivaldi," Halla's main housing brand, and "studio," meaning an apartment in Britain and the United States where the living room, kitchen and bedroom are located in a single room.

It means boldly reducing needless areas while maximizing space utilization with a smart layout and forming a stylish space tailored to the personal taste and characteristics of individuals.

With Halla Vivaldi Studio 193, for example, information is conveyed by including the number of households next to the brand name.